"Painting is my own reality. It is a magical moment, where all the miracles happen. When I paint, I let go of all the other thoughts and focus solely on painting. After all, all works make perfect sense by themselves." - Chaeyun Kim

The Up-Cycling Project

L'Oréal's Up-cycling Challenge

How can we make value with the unused products? Global cosmetic brand L’Oréal Korea have the sustainability week every year. Their issue was that numerous cosmetic products are wasted every day. The company wanted an artist who can make great artwork with their leftover cosmetic products.

I won the selective competition and be selected as the artist in this project. They had sent me tons of lipsticks, hair sprays, and paints for dying the hair, foundations, eyeliners, and eyebrow pencils. All the cosmetic products turned into wonderful art material. The finished painting was exhibited in the café inside L’Oréal company with an explanation about the project and intention of my work.

Satisfying Friends project

Where does Our desire come from?

I developed an interest in the aspirations of the mass in this digital age. They were highly related to mass media. “Satisfying Friends” is a term that I defined as the objects that make people feel temporarily satisfied. For example, food, dessert, cosmetics, images of Christmas, perfect vacation, etc. Are these craving from our sincere desire? Or are they manipulated by the great algorithm from the media?