"Design is a powerful tool to communicate your idea. Making an idea visually compelling has significant power for the audience. - Chaeyun Kim 

Logo Designs

Logo Concepts for Soap brand "JoJoe" + infinity

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Geoinformatics Lab 

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Logo Concept with statistics and directing

Pictogram Design

Pictogram Design for Temple Stay

Temple stay is a unique cultural program that lets people experience the life of Buddhist practitioners at traditional temples, which preserved the 1700-year-old history of Korean Buddhism. It is open for everyone who wants to have a peaceful mind and to experience Korean nature and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore many foreigners participate in temple stays. 

However, some of the rules are complex and many in numbers, sometimes it is hard to communicate to the foreign participants. Consequently, pictograms are in need for delivering diverse messages and instruction for smoother communication between buddhist monks and tourists. Visual inspirations came from the Korean writing system Hangeul, the shapes and curves that appear in the temple architecture and traditional paintings.

It is a fictive project and the concept was made for suggestion.