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UX/UI Design

Project Mapple

Always missing bus or trains? Don’t want to travel alone? Try Mapple now! It is like an old time Tamagotchi but it's a navigation app with a scheduler function. Regular and special trips are saved in the app to manage your routine and prevent disasters. Mapple will make going out more fun and encourage to go out more.

Open-Source Project for Monitoring COVID-19

COVID-19 Dashboard

This application was made by a collaboration with a research team from the University of Apply Sciences Stuttgart (HFT Stuttgart) to develop a dashboard for reporting the COVID-19 case powered by the OGC SensorThings API standard. Focusing the statistics data of Germany.

I developed the dashboard client-side with Bootstrap4 and ApexChart JavaScript libraries.

Link: http://www.covid19dashboard.org/

COVID-19 Dashboard Application
COVID-19 Dashboard Application - Interactive Line Chart
COVID-19 Dashboard Application - Interactive Bar Chart and Table

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Personal Web Page Design

Patrik Hornak's Website

Designed, developed, and maintained a website for an opera singer based in Germany.

Link: https://www.patrikhornak.com/

Patrik Hornak - Home Page
Patrik Hornak - Schedule Page