Graphic Design

"Graphic design is a powerful tool to convey a story or idea. Making an idea visually compelling has significant power for the audience. Sometimes a well-designed picture gives more plausibility than the actual context.” - Chaeyun Kim

The Bonmul Projects

Strange Tale of Yohan Kim

We formed the “Bonmul”, the learning body of narrative art. which refers to, in Japanese expression, the genuine, and skillful person. We did a number of team projects. This is the character and concept design for the novel, <Strange Tale of Yohan Kim>

Illustration for Tech Articles

I work with various customers creating illustrations for using in the tech-related articles such as Python, City Models, Google Cloud topics.

The Hidden Plus Points in Quarantine Days

In this pandemic situation, the way of living has changed a lot. We never experienced this amount of restriction of freedom ever. But do you know that there are some good parts of quarantine life as well? For example, you can wake up late, don’t have to be on a busy bus or train. You could focus on your work entirely, without having to spend time and energy in between.

9:00 am Even have time for making yourself a big breakfast.
10:30 AM In the meeting…
2:00 PM Home office is the BEST!

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